Hi there I’m Aisha Singh.
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I mould individuals into empowered entrepreneurs, and nurture aspiring womenpreneurs to reach their full potential.

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Aisha Singh Global Educator, International Speaker-Trainer and Social Entrepreneur

Discover the transformative power of aisha singh’s expertise with a proven track record In education, training and mentorship, aisha singh has the unique ability to igniteEntrepreneurial spirit and equip individuals with the skills needed for success. Her Dedication to creating womenpreneurs is not just about economic empowerment; it’s About fostering a new generation of dynamic leaders who drive innovation and positive Change. Join her mission and embark on a journey towards personal and professional Growth that paves the way for a brighter future. 

Aisha singh embarked on a remarkable journey quitting her corporate tenure in retail And venture firms to being a millionaire at the age of 29. In 2009, she founded her first Preschool creativekidz, subsequently scaling her vision worldwide, establishing an Impressive network of 298 preschools. Her impactful presence in the education Fraternity includes global speaking engagements and mentorship, solidifying her Status as an education luminary. Committed to social causes, she began volunteering and Founded her own ngo gyaanadaan edukid charitable trust, with a focused mission on Women’s empowerment and child development. Her certifications as a posh enabler for Women and pocso torch bearer for children underscore her dedication to societal wellbeing. Presently, she dedicates her efforts to eradicating language barriers by setting Up english labs in rural areas, promoting english as a spoken language to empower Children and women.

What people says about Aisha Singh

Aisha played an invaluable role in helping me overcome my fears and making my dream of starting preschool come true. Her unwavering support, encouragement, and guidance were instrumental in giving me the confidence I needed to take that leap. She helped me believe in myself and my vision, and her dedication to seeing me succeed was truly inspiring. Aisha's kindness and friendship not only eased my fears but also turned my dreams into a reality. I will forever be grateful for her role in making this important journey a successful one. Hema
Thank you Aisha you have a lead role in helping me build the confidence I needed to break free from the constraints of a 9-5 corporate job and become a successful business owner. Her unwavering support, mentorship, and belief in my potential were the driving forces behind my journey to self-employment. Aisha's guidance helped me discover my inner strengths and talents, which I never realized I had. Thanks to her, I am now a confident and thriving businesswoman. Aisha's impact on my life has been transformative, and I will forever be grateful for her role in helping me realize my true potential.
I had been struggling and failing in everything I attempted, feeling lost and disheartened. That's when I stumbled upon Aisha Ma'am's X preneur Conference, and it was nothing short of life-changing. Aisha Ma'am gave me the clarity and inspiration I needed to find my 'X' in 'preneur' and kick-start my own venture. Her continuous support, unwavering dedication, and her belief in everyone she works with is truly remarkable. She lives by the mantra 'you win, I win; you fail, I fail,' and it's not just a saying for her – she genuinely invests herself in the success of each individual. Thanks to Aisha Ma'am, I've gone from a series of failures to a promising venture, and I can't express my gratitude enough for her guidance and unwavering support.

My purpose is to mend the human spirit and transform the landscape of business.
Shall we collaborate on this transformative journey? Should be work together

  • Embark on your edupreneurial journey by establishing your very own Preschool.
  • Elevate your school’s distinctiveness with my assistance, on Curriculum design, enhancing visibility, or exploring franchising Opportunities.
  • Leverage my training proficiency to educate your teachers and Aspiring educational leaders looking to establish their schools.
  • Enroll in my train-the-trainer programs where i offer certification In teacher training, posh training, or pocso training. Unlock the Potential to become an entrepreneur by utilizing these Certifications to establish your own businesses in the respective Training domains.
  • Secure my services as a keynote speaker for your event.
  • Invite me to participate in various sessions as a speaker, panelist, Or decision-maker.
  • I offer support for social causes, focusing on women’s empowerment And child development.
  • I provide counseling sessions tailored for women and children.
  • I can establish english labs nationwide to address and eliminate
    Illiteracy challenges in india.
  • I specialize in one-on-one sessions with individuals who are
    Embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, sharing my
    Experiences and knowledge to optimize businesses for