Sphere of expertise

Are you struggling to create your ideal Early Childhood Centre? Do you find yourself wondering how you're ever going to meet your passion? And if you've started to wonder if you'll ever get to start crossing items off your to do list? Then CONGRATULATIONS. You're in the right place!
Inline is the sphere of my expertise that can help you to succeed no matter what. But first, in case you're new around here, I want you to know about my Ready to Blend Program.

  1. Early Childhood Centre- Day Care & Pre School: Are you ready to pull your hair out over setting up your early learning or child care center? Take your hands out of your hair and take a breath with me. All aspects of establishing a new school, including advice on premises, staffing, curriculum, launch planning and marketing will be taken care. A geared up Early learning centre will be customized as per your requirement and relinquished to you.
  2. Hit and Run: You have set up your an Early learning Centre but have problem running it? Don’t worry me & my team will run your centre under your brand name with your appointed team till you want to recommence.
  3. The academic plan: The academic plan provides a blueprint for any Early childhood Centre and sets out foundational elements of best practices. It allows possessor and investor to document the curriculum, organisational structure, as well as defining applicable policies and procedures; in line with current standards for early childhood education.
    • Executive Summary
    • Leadership
    • Curriculum
    • Education and Care Practice
    • Facilities and Learning Spaces
    • Health, Safety and Hygiene
    • Management
    • Marketing and Financial Plans
    • Appendices
  4. Personality Development: Empower children to
    explore their passions; to set goals for deepening knowledge; and to build habits, skills, and dispositions to thrive.
  5. Professional enhancement: Engage educators as learning experts and support them in deepening practice. Equip educators to design relevant learning experiences to enable learners’ engagement on the right activity at the right time.
  6. Family Sessions: Make it easy for families to be active participants in their child's learning. Forge strong connections between home and school.
  7. Curriculum Development and assessment: The early years of the child between 0-6 yrs are the most critical ones for emotional & intellectual developments. It is during these years that 75% of the brain growth is completed. Stimulating imagination & creativity in the child at this time can help them reach tremendous success in their professional & personal life. My curriculum is very ‘child centric’, ‘age specific’, and ‘developmentally appropriate’ which is extremely dynamic & highly researched. The approach to learning is experiential and it ensures that the child’s developments in all domains are in line with the requirements of future formal schooling. This forms an excellent platform for the requirements of major national and international boards which is also in line with the future requirement specifications of the National Curriculum Framework specified by the Education Board for the primary level. I can also customize a whole-child assessment strategy to suit your needs.
  8. Teaching aids training: Develop your educators’
    practical product usage. Implement learner-centered instructional approaches grounded in actionable plans.
    “Join the tribe of learner-centric education ubiquitously”
  9. Ready to Blend
    Ready to Blend is inimitable programs for the educators who want to ignite passion for learning in every child to craft them thrive in any environment. Like every learner’s path, every educators
    journey to educational transformation is distinctive. Starting with your priorities, I’ll help you set goals and drive stakeholder alignment for maximum impact. Right from identifying your key levers to build your customized implementation grounded in actionable plans.
    This program will help educators to fabricate comprehensive
    platform for learning that puts children in learner centered
    environment to avenue children to develop the agency to drive their
    own learning for life. This program will also develop every educator with dynamic
    learning opportunities to become designers of student-centered
    learning. Not an educator but want to be one? Then enroll for my Ready to Blend 3 month Program now.
    A three month program: This program isn’t just based on theory
    about what it takes to be successful. Everything in this course comes from trial and error. A program where I will share my
    process for packaging your passion into a real vision to create the success you’ve always wanted. This entire program is real time
    where you will be working along with me & my team. Throughout
    our partnership, I will engage with you to make adjustments and
    ensure progress. I will be committed to your success.

“Let’s transform education together”