Aisha Singh


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All my sessions are great to recharge your batteries and find inspiration. Watch and soak in my session activities, they are unique in energy, I have something for everyone. While the techniques we explore in my sessions will sharpen your appreciation of being a resourceful educator, the sounds and sights of your exhilarating students will also fuel your creativity in classrooms.


My sessions are extensively interactive & experiential with the dedication of helping educators learn how to be more ingenious in every aspect of vocation. I have urbanized a series of simple and effective exercises aimed at keeping the creative juices flowing both in the classroom and in one’s personal life. All my sessions create a unique experience that combines learning and being associated with peers from different backgrounds.

The Educators sessions will help individually to become more creative in their personal and professional life. I use various techniques and guided visualization to explore in every topic. My sessions offer tools and techniques that educators can implement to help students develop their creative, collaborative, artistic, and writing skills, as well as out-of-the-box thinking, self-confidence, leadership, and respect for peers.


All my sessions are an experiential course; it involves more of undertaking and experimenting. My exercises and talks focus on helping every educator learn practical techniques to stimulate imagination and innovative thinking. I have been helping educators become more creative in the class and giving them simple, practical exercises and creativity training to develop creative thinking and innovation skills in their students. I push to explore the process, rather than simply focusing on the desired result


I offer customized sessions and professional development courses for teachers, Educational Institutions, from k12 through university. I can also tailor sessions to suit your school/institute/university specific needs and interests.