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If you’re looking for entertainment or a motivational story, don’t hire Aisha Singh!

But, if you are keen to create lasting transformation in the ventures and lives of your audience, to have them walking out of the room knowing exactly what they need to do to scale up themselves, create high impact and how to do it then Aisha Singh is exactly the one you need to hire!

Aisha Singh brings acumen of  learning, understanding, implementing and then simplifying Early Education Venture stratagems so that individuals can fleetingly instrument.

Aisha Singh strappingly believes in teaching ‘exclusively’ that which she has personally tried and tested, which is why all of her trainings are ‘action-plan’ oriented and not just theory.

Aisha Singh sessions are highly energy-packed, crammed with proven techniques that give every individual new skills and ways of looking at their Early Education Venture and the world around them, inspiring them to higher levels of performance than ever before.

She has trained over 1000+ edupreneurs, marketing managers and brand managers across countries.

Aisha Singh sessions move quickly, contain just the right amount of information to keep things interesting and are content-rich. Her unique ability to communicate in a level that everyone can understand, and in a way that gives people just the right level of information they need to implement her teachings.

Do Remember

Aisha Singh portfolio is not of speeches covering every topic of this earth. She believes that the only way one can truly create real, lasting change in audiences is to speak on what one lives. Therefore, Aisha Singh focuses on four areas:

Programs can be tailored for the needs of your specific audience and can be given in 60-90 minute, half-day or full-day formats.

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