About ME

About ME

I’m an educator, trainer, speaker and a serial entrepreneur with a passion for education, personal transformation and community development. During my course of journey as an educator I realised the importance of educators who are passionate about moulding forthcoming generation. I discredit the concept of solely 21st  century schools that reinvent education is adequate to change the world. I’m on a passage to set a tribe of learner driven community who deem to be serious in their commitments to develop genuine relationships with children to strengthen their life skills and to contrive authentic
fundamentals of learning.

My vision is to build a tribe who will inspire every parent, and every educator to enter the passage to endow a child’s journey. A tribe to infuse every child learn to be inquisitive, autonomous and an enduring learner. A tribe to discover every child’s gift and train them to excel in same. A tribe who are Ready to Blend, who can set up blended-learning environments in every school to improve the achievement and well-being of K-12 students.


I started my career in education field with immense conviction, determination and a handful of revolutionary ideas about education that I was completely convinced of and I set out to make some significant changes. My hard work paid and today I’m founder Director of my ed-venture CreativeKidz -an Early learning Centre, KidzKare– an Early Child Care Centre and Apna PathShala -an CBSE based microschooling in all over Karnataka.  I have previously worked with diverse MNC’s but after few years of my ed-venture, I can say with pride that this is the sphere, which fills my heart with joy and a passion for teaching and working with children. I always seek activities that provide a high-quality learning experience for my little ones. I love all things tidy and organized in bright colors, natural lighting, light music, new gadgets, radio, and technology. I’m crazy about my Ed-Venture’s and I’m so fortunate to teach there. Since I spend more time in my Early Learning Centres, I make every effort to make it a warm, cozy, and a happy place. I graduated from Gulbarga University with a Bachelor of Management in Elementary Education, then went on to complete my Master’s degree in HR and Finance from Symbiosis University.

I’m known for my innovative approach towards child development, I have used my skills very effectively to make learning fun. My calm and pleasing personality makes me a favourite with my staff. I integrate newer teaching pedagogies, create a hands-on approach on teaching, enhancing the quality of teachers and improving the overall learning experience for the kids. I also bring my sharp business acumen and financial genius and I have played a prominent role in helping the chain catapult to success in a short span of time. My innovative ideas and creative mind have always set the bar high for everyone.