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How to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Teaching at Home


Teaching is about passion. You must be able to enjoy what you do. Take pride in it. Passion must be incorporated into the way you teach. But what happens when you meltdown as a teacher? We have all been there. Being a teacher in today’s world is an enormous challenge. It takes patience, passion, resilience and a lot of commitment.

Here are few tips to preserve the Spark in Your Teaching at Home
It’s all about Planning
  1. Create a vision board of what all you want your child to be taught with a time frame. Create a space to display, to focus on it every day. What we focus on expands. When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing work on a faster pace.
  2. Plan what type of curriculum do you want to follow and get reference books.
  3. Create a place as Class room at your home and use that place to work with your child
  4. Prepare a time table and schedule your teaching timings as Home school timings, kindly maintain timings stringently
  5. Place a stationery cup board/book cupboard with a white board. Keep stationery handy.

Change It Up

  1. Don’t keep the traditional classroom routine, Add more physical exercise and movement.
  2. Add interesting mini-courses project based in your curriculum.
  3. Interpret the subject which the child is interested and explore it thoroughly.
  4. Use technology and take your child on a Virtual Learning subject wise.
  5. Don’t stick to traditional teaching, instead use different type of teaching methodologies and see how your child will respond to it

Be Well Prepared

  1. It’s all about how well you are prepared in advance
  2. Have lesson plans that cover every minute of class
  3. Give grace of 15 -20 minutes extra
  4. Get your curriculum/lesson planner done
  5. Keep your child engaged and not have time to feel bored which ultimately helps you
  6. Child will see your vibrancy and that is contagious

List Down

  1. List a clear final aim to not lose motivation
  2. Write down your daily goals and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing completed goals off your list
  3. List down mile stones for your assessments to be done after every lesson
  4. Make a portfolio of your child’s work
  5. Write the dates/remarks behind the worksheets of your child

Examine Your Attitude & Avoid Negativity

  1. Kindly do not fall into the gossip trap in the mommies’ lounge.
  2. Negative talk and gossip will only bring you down. Do not let this intervene into your teaching at home
  3. Do not compare your child’s work with other child, when the conversation starts turning down a bad path with other homeschoolers, redirect yourself.
  4. Challenge yourself to compliment yourself once in a day.
  5. You know what and how you want your child to be home schooled, just follow your instincts.
  6. Don’t give up if your child is not responding well, child might take some time to adjust this transition.

Recharge Your Batteries

  1. Encourage yourself and your child to get outside, it’ll help replenish attention and boost creative energy and problem solving skills. (Once lockdown is over and also with social distancing)
  2. Switch the teaching method when you start feeling it is getting monotonous
  3. Try different publisher text books for reference and also try to get extra knowledge about the subjects to make it more fun and interesting
  4. Balance the time on every subject
  5. Change your classroom environment
  6. TAKE A BREAK, when you feel like and DON’T BE GUILTY about it.

Set Up a Challenge

  1. Food and freedom are two great motivators and use them to set up a challenge and assess your child on same.

Give Rewards to Your Child

  1. When you reward your child after completion of his given work it will be a booster to his enthusiasm. This in turn will motivate child to do work on time.

Give Rewards to Yourself

  1. You are doing a great job for your child and you deserve a reward too. Kindly do feel GUILTY to reward yourself, do not compromise on your rewards especially when it comes to spending.
  2. We all have fallen and stood again, the decision what you have taken today of sitting at home for your child is the biggest one. Don’t try to follow everything, decide something and stand for same thing. Otherwise you will fall for anything. Happy Homeschooling!

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